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Metro Earthworks takes the time to verify that building plan specs and engineering match the actual field conditions.

Our courteous, experienced operators and field staff will communicate professionally, accurately and timely with any and all contracting firms, job supervisors, subcontractors and city inspection personnel.

Our goal at Metro Earthworks is to ensure profitability, deadlines and customer satisfaction with respectful attitude, productive accurate work, dedication and knowledge.

Our field personnel are also effectively able to modify plans in the event of the inevitable changes in scheduling due to environmental and other construction issues. You can be assured that we will find a solution to any and all problems that may arise.

The proper soil characteristic and load bearing properties of soil beneath a foundation is essential to the quality of construction. Metro Earthworks will work with on site supervisors and engineers to ensure the subgrade of your building is adequate for its intended use.

Engineering reports and soil borings are always reviewed before construction to point out any potential soil issues before the project starts. Although not all potential problems are always clear in soil boring reports, you can trust that Metro Earthworks will handle your soil remediation accurately and efficiently.

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