How much does it cost to reline a sewer?

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Site conditions, pipe size and the condition of the existing sewer all impact the cost to properly repair a sewer. One or the other is not always the answer sometimes it is a combination of the two. Call Metro Earthworks at 763-464-3512 to speak directly with a sewer professional to determine the the best & most affordable options to correct your specific sewer issues one and for all.

How much does it cost to dig up and replace a sewer line?

There are many different scenarios and site conditions that determine the cost to complete a total dig and replace sewer, but regardless when the option to install a liner is available it is the better option because it minimizes or eliminates the need to replace the yard, landscaping and danger of digging around other existing utilities. Tearing up and replacing the yard and landscaping.

How long does a sewer line last?

A new CIPP sewer line has said to last over 50 years by the manufacturers and with research showing new CIPP sewer lines to perform much longer.